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Christmas Tree Ornament – Free Crochet Pattern

Ferdinand, the Fir Tree

Ferdinand, the fir tree makes a cheery addition to your Christmas decorations! Hang him in your Christmas tree or elsewhere and let him spread some festive cheer.

This is an Amigurumi crochet pattern ideal for improving or practised crocheters. But don’t be discouraged if you are a beginner. You can learn the stitches and techniques you need to know to crochet Ferdinand in no time. You will need to single crochet (or double crochet as it is called in British terms), make a magic ring, and make an invisible decrease. You can learn all of these right here on the blog, or on my Youtube channel.

This pattern is written in U.S. terminology. If you are used to British or Australian terms simply replace sc (single crochet) with dc (double crochet).

Crochet Conversion Chart

Materials and tools

You need:

About 20g Aran/worsted or heavy worsted cotton yarn in

Small amount of Aran/worsted or heavy worsted cotton yarn in dark brown

3.5mm/size E crochet hook

1 pair of 4mm safety eyes

Toy stuffing

Approx. 20cm/8″ embroidery thread in black and red

Large eyed needle


St = stitch

Sc = single crochet

2sc = single crochet 2 in same st

Inv dec = invisible decrease


4″ x 4″ (10.16 x 10.16 cm) = 19 sts x 20 rows of sc


Using the brown yarn make a magic ring.

Rd 1: sc 6 in magic ring

Rd 2: 2sc 6, sl st 1 (12)

Rd 3: Sc 12 in back loop only (12)

Rd 4: Sc 12

Rd 5: [sc 2, inv dec 1]*3 (9)

Rd 6: Sc 9 (9)

Rd 7: Change colour to green, 2sc 9 in front loops only (18)

Rd 8: [sc 2, 2sc 1]*6 (24)

Rd 9: [sc 3, 2sc 1]*6 (30)

Rd 10: [sc 4, 2sc 1]*6 (36)

Rd 11: [sc 5, 2sc 1]*6 (42)

Rd 12: [sc 6, 2sc 1]*6 (48)

Now it’s time to fill the tree’s trunk with toy stuffing. Take a small amount, squeeze it into a ball, and push it in the trunk with the back oh your crochet hook.

Rd 13: Sc 48 in back loop only

Rd 14: [sc 6, inv dec 1]*6 (42)

Rd 15: [sc 5, inv dec 1]*6 (36)

Rd 16: [sc 4, inv dec 1]*6 (30)

Rd 17: In front loops only: [sc 4, 2sc 1]*6 (36)

Rd 18: [sc 5, 2sc 1]*6 (42)

Rd 19: Sc 42 in back loop only

Rd 20: [sc 5, inv dec 1]*6 (36)

Rd 21: [sc 4, inv dec 1]*6 (30)

Rd 22: [sc 3, inv dec 1]*6 (24)

Now you can place the eyes and embroider the smile. Make sure you are happy with the placement of the eyes before securing them. Embroider the smile with the black embroidery thread and your large eyed needle. Tie the ends together on the left side of your work and cut them short.

Rd 23: In front loops only: [sc 3, 2sc 1]*6 (30)

Rd 24: [sc 4, 2sc 1]*6 (36)

Rd 25: Sc 36 in back loops only

Rd 26: [sc 4, inv dec 1]*6 (30)

Rd 27: [sc 3, inv dec 1]*6 (24)

Rd 28: [sc 2, inv dec 1]*6 (18)

Rd 29: [sc 1, inv dec 1]*6 (12)

Rd 30: Sc 12 (12)

Rd 31: [sc 2, inv dec 1]*3 (9)

Rd 32: [sc 1, inv dec 1]*3 (3)

If you prefer you can also watch the video tutorial in which I walk you through the pattern.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I hope you enjoyed this pattern! Let me know what you thing or post any questions you might have in the comments below.

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Fir Tree Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

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