Free Crochet Pattern - Pumpkin Cake Toppers
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Crochet Pumpkin Cake Toppers – Free Pattern

Welcome to the free pattern of my crochet pumpkin cake toppers! This is a fun little Fall project that you can complete on a cosy Sunday afternoon.

Happy October everyone!

Autumn is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier – It’s my favourite season! Now we can slow down a bit, cosy up in a warm blanket with our favourite hot beverage, and of course our hook and yarn.

What would be better to celebrate the season with, than some cute crochet pumpkins? Wether you are throwing a Halloween party and need some unique cake toppers for your dessert, or simply want to enchant your home with lovingly handmade Fall themed decor, this free pattern for my crochet pumpkin cake toppers is for you!

If you’re not ready just yet, you can pin it for later!

Pumpkin Cake Toppers Free Crochet Patterns

For my crochet pumpkins I have a video tutorial as well as a written pattern. You can watch the video here:

I have written the pattern in US terminology. If you are used to UK or Australian terms, simply replace sc = single crochet with dc = double crochet.

I listed all of the necessary materials for 3 cake toppers below, however if you don’t already have them at home and don’t feel like shopping around for them you can order my DIY kit here. It includes the printed pattern with detailed photos of each step, skewers, yarn, stuffing, needle, and stitch marker. You also have the option to add the crochet hook and will be able to choose between US and UK/Australian terminology.

And here it is! Time to get cosy and grab your hook and yarn:

Materials and tools (for 3 cake toppers)

DK/light worsted yarn (approx. 20g/40m) (I used Drops Muskat Cotton yarn in Dark Orange)

3.5mm hook (E-4)

3 bamboo skewers

Toy stuffing

Blunt yarn needle

Brown colouring pencil

Stitch marker


Rd = round

st(s) = stitch(es)

yo = yarn over

sc = single crochet

inc = sc increase: single crochet 2 in same st

dec = invisible sc decrease: insert hook in front loops of next 2 sts, yo, pull through both front loops, yo, pull through 2 remaining loops.

You can find my video tutorial on how to do the invisible decrease here and learn how to make a magic ring here.


4″ x 4″ (10.16 cm x 10.16 cm) = 21 sts x 20 rows in sc


Rd 1: Sc 6 into a magic ring

Rd 2: Inc 6 (12)

Rd 3: [Sc 1, inc 1]*6 (18)

Rd 4: [Sc 2, inc 1]*6 (24)

Rd 5: Sc 24 (24)

Rd 6: [Sc 3, inc 1]*6 (30)

Rd 7 – 9 (3 rds): Sc 30 (30)

Rd 10: [Sc 3, dec 1]*6 (24)

Rd 11: Sc 24 (24)

Rd 12: [Sc 2, dec 1]*6 (18)

Fill the pumpkin with enough stuffing to make it look nice and plump.

Rd 13: [Sc 1, dec 1]*6 (12)

Add more stuffing if necessary.

Rd 14: Dec 6 times (6)

Break the yarn leaving an approx. 50cm/20” long end, pull it through.

Thread the end onto your large eyed needle and create creases by stitching through the pumpkin from top to bottom.

Pull the yarn tight and stitch right through the middle from top to bottom until you have 8 creases.

Sew in the end on the bottom side of the pumpkin. Colour the top of your bamboo skewer brown.

Skewer through the pumpkin from the top middle. Carefully twist and push it through. Be careful not to hurt yourself!

Pull the skewer through, letting the brown stem peak out from the top.

Done is your Pumpkin Cake Topper!

Pumpkin Cake Topper Free Pattern

Thank you very much for using my pattern, I hope you enjoyed it!

Please feel free to email me any feedback or questions at or use my contact form.

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Many thanks and happy crocheting, Stella xx


  • Thawra

    Thanks for this pattern I like it it’s very nice and I will do it because I like crochet and I want to have patterns of another things such as teapot cover , cushions, flowers,teacup cover and another patterns of origami if available ,thanks so much

    • stellasophia

      Hi Thawra,
      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you like it! I don’t have any patterns for the items you mentioned (yet). Have you had a look at You will find many great patterns there for anything you would like to make. Happy creating! 🙂

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