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How to make an invisible decrease in single crochet

The invisible decrease method is great for projects that are worked in rounds.

Instead of skipping a stitch and therefore creating a small gap, you insert your hook in the front loop of the next stitch, then in the front loop of the second next stitch, yarn over, pull it through both front loops, and yarn over, and pull through the remaining two loops on your hook.

This way you achieve a neat looking decrease without any gaps. So if you are making a toy for instance, you can fill it with stuffing without it showing through the gaps.

In this short video tutorial I show you how invisible decreases work in single crochet (double crochet in British terms):

Do you wanna practise the invisible decrease by crocheting a fun little project? Why not try one of my free crochet patterns?

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  • dalia

    alsalam alykom
    Hey, Stella. I am Dalia from Egypt. Can you help me with something related to crochet …. The diagonal line in any work … The elevation chains bother me so much and I don’t know how to solve it.

    • stellasophia

      Hi Dalia, welcome to my blog. 🙂 When crocheting amigurumi you usually crochet in an continuous spiral. This way you don’t have any chain in the beginning of each round and there is no visible line. You can place a stitch marker in the last or first stitch of the round, so that you don’t lose count of where the round begins. I hope this helps. Let me know anytime if you have any more questions. 🙂

  • Shakuntalarao

    Hello Ms. Stella, the invisible decreasing of stitches is very helpful. I tried now. The finishing of a tiny crochet piece I am doing turned out to be very neat.
    Thank you very much.

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