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Leprechaun – Free Crochet Pattern

Lucky, the Leprechaun is a fun crochet project for St. Patrick’s Day!

Although leprechauns are known to be tricksters, loners, and not the most trusting, Lucky, the Leprechaun probably won’t mind your company. He might even share a little of his wealth with you, or mend your shoes if you are kind to him. He likes to drink dandelion tea. Maybe you can brighten his mood by making him a cuppa? You can read more about leprechauns here.

Lucky, the Leprechaun is 3″ short.

Lucky, the Leprechaun | Free Crochet Pattern for St. Patrick's Day |

Materials and tools

10g (0.35oz) Rico Creative Ricorumi DK (light worsted) cotton yarn for the hat and body (C1) I used 050 Fir Green

3g (0.11oz) Rico Creative Ricorumi DK (light worsted) cotton yarn for the face (C2) I used 051 Mastic

Small amount Rico Creative Ricorumi DK (light worsted) cotton yarn for the beard (C3) I used 027 Orange

Small amount Rico Creative Ricorumi DK (light worsted) cotton yarn for the hat belt (C4) I used 060 Black

Small amount Rico Creative Ricorumi DK (light worsted) cotton yarn for the hat buckle (C5) I used 006 Yellow

2.5mm (size C/2) crochet hook 

Toy stuffing

Yarn needle

Stitch marker


Tip: Use Aran/worsted weight yarn and a 3.5mm/size E hook to make a slightly larger version of Lucky, like I did in my video tutorial.

If you don’t have the materials and tools you need at home and don’t wanna shop around for them, you can find my leprechaun crochet kit here. It includes all the materials and tools you need (the hook is optional), and the printed pattern with many step-by-step pics in your preferred terminology.

Required Techniques

You will need to know how to chain, slip stitch, single crochet (double crochet in UK terms), half double crochet (half treble crochet), how to make invisible decreases in single (double) crochet, and how to make a magic ring. If you haven’t done any or all of these techniques, you can learn them here:

Learn how to chain and single/double crochet

Learn how to half double crochet/half treble crochet

How to make a magic ring

How to make invisible decreases

Das deutsche Häkelmuster für Lucky findest du hier.

U.S. American Terminology

Below you can find the pattern in U.S. terms. For the British/Australian version, please scroll up.


C1 = Color of hat and body

C2 = Color of face

C3 = Color of beard

C4 = Color of hat band

C5 = Color of hat buckle

Rd = round

St(s) = stitch(es)

Ch = chain

Sl st = slip stitch

Sc = single crochet

Inc = increase with sc: single crochet 2 in same st

Hdc = half double crochet

Inv dec = invisible decrease with sc: Insert hook in front loops of next 2 sts, yarn over, pull through both front loops, yarn over, pull through 2 remaining loops


Crochet the head (C2)

Rd 1: Sc 6 in magic ring

Rd 2: Inc 6 (12)

Rd 3: [sc 1, inc 1]*6 (18)

Rd 4: [sc 2, inc 1]*6 (24)

Rd 5 & 6: Sc 24 (24)

Rd 7: Sc 11, sl st 1, hdc 1 in same st, hdc 1, sl st 1 in same st, sc 11 (26)

Rd 8: Sc 11, sl st 1, hdc 2, sl st 1, sc 11 (26)

Rd 9: Sc 11, dec 2, sc 11 (24)

Rd 10: [sc 2, dec 1]*6 (18)

Crochet the body (C1)

Rd 11: Change color to C1 in a sc, sc 18 (18)

Rd 12: [sc 2, inc 1]*6 (24)

Rd 13: [sc 3, inc 1]*6 (30)

Rd 14 to 20: Sc 30 (30)

Rd 21: Sc in back loops only: [sc 3, dec 1]*6 (24)

Fill head and body with toy stuffing.

Rd 22: [sc 2, dec 1]*6 (18)

Rd 23: [sc 1, dec 1]*6 (12)

Rd 24: Dec 6 (6)

Break yarn, pull through, sew in.

Shape the nose

Cut a 20cm/8” piece of yarn in C2 and thread your yarn needle with it. Stitch around the nose from all sides to shape it into a rounded gnome-like nose. Sew in both ends.

Attach the leprechaun beard (C3)

Cut 24 x 10cm/4” long pieces of yarn in C3. Attach the beard in rows, starting from the upper part of the body up to the face. The beard frames the face in a half circle.

Now you can trim the beard to any length you like.

Crochet the leprechaun hat (C1)

Rd 1: Sc 6 in magic ring (6)

Rd 2: Inc 6 (12)

Rd 3: [sc 1, inc 1]*6 (18)

Rd 4: [sc 2, inc 1]*6 (24)

Rd 5: [sc 3, inc 1]*6 (30)

Rd 6: Sc 30 in back loops (30)

Rd 7 & 8: Sc 30 (30)

Rd 9: [sc 13, dec 1]*2 (28)

Rd 10 & 11: Sc 28 (28)

Rd 12: [sc 12, dec]*2 (26)

Rd 13 & 14: Sc 26 (26)

Rd 15: [Sc 3, inc 1]*6, sc 2 in front loops only (32)

Rd 16: [sc 4, inc 1]*6, sc 2 (38)

Sl st 1, break yarn, pull through, sew in ends.

Crochet the hat band (C4)

Ch 27

Close to a rd in a sc, sc 26 (27)

Break yarn, pull through, sew in ends.

Crochet the hat buckle (C5)

Pull the hat band onto the hat and place it into the desired position.

Pull a loop of C5 out of the inside of the hat below the hat band, on the right side of the buckle you’re about to crochet [see picture below].

Pull enough yarn out to cover the hat band with one sl st. Insert your hook above the hat band, so the loop covers it vertically. Pull out another loop from the inside of the hat and make a sl st. Now make 3 horizontal sl sts above the hat band towards the left.

Pull enough yarn out to cover the hat band with your next sl st. Insert your hook below the hat band to make a vertical sl st over it. Sl st 3 horizontally below the hat band towards where you started from.

Crocheting a leprechaun hat |

Cut yarn, stitch end through gap from which you started. Tie ends tog, hide them inside the hat.

You can find part 1 & 2 of my video tutorial here:

Lucky, the Leprechaun | Free Crochet Pattern for St. Patrick's Day |

I hope you enjoyed making Lucky, the Leprechaun. May his luck rub off on you!

Please let me know anytime if you have any questions about the pattern, I’m always happy to help. Simply comment below or email me at

If you’d like all the materials and printed pattern delivered straight to your door, take a look at me leprechaun crochet kit.

Would you prefer a printable version for Lucky the leprechaun? You can download the printable pdf pattern (accompanied by many pictures of the process) for a small fee here.

You can pin this pattern here, for later.

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Thank you so much for using my pattern!

Happy creating!


  • DeAnna

    Hi I am currently working on leprechaun hat .
    I start following your direction at beginning it didn’t say front or back or both loop so I use both loop til round 6 then back loop.
    round 6 said back loop, which I have done then round 7 says dc 30 ( doesn’t say which continue back loop or front loop and both loop).
    My question is do I continue round 7 and 8 as back loop or both loop?
    Right now my project is shaping as cone like shape not like the photo.
    What am I doing wrong?

    I look forward hearing from you.
    Sincerely DeAnna

    You can reach me at

    • stellasophia

      Hi DeAnna, you crochet in both loops unless otherwise specified. So in round 6, you crochet in the back loops only and in round 15 in the front loops only. In rounds 7 and 8 and all other rounds, you crochet in both loops. I’m not sure why it’s cone-shaped. The decreases are meant to make the base of the hat slightly narrower than the top but only slightly. I’ll email you the pdf version of the pattern. Then you can email me back with pictures of your hat if it still doesn’t work out. 🙂

    • stellasophia

      Hi Fran, I think you might have looked at the UK version of the pattern when making the hat. In UK terms a dc is a sc. The hat is crocheted in single crochet stitches. I will delete the British pattern now to avoid confusion. Please let me know if that didn’t solve the problem.

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