Pomegranate Free Crochet Pattern
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Pomegranate Free Crochet Pattern

Happy winter solstice everyone! In Persian culture the longest night of the year is called Yalda night. Families celebrate it by reading poems to each other and eating pomegranates, watermelons, and nuts. This is how they pass the time in this darkest of nights, until the sun rises.

The pomegranate is a symbol of Yalda and so, as a crochet enthusiast, I of course had to crochet some pomegranates on this occasion. Here is the free pattern for you:

Pomegranate Free Crochet Pattern | stellasyarnuniverse.com

You will need to know how to make a magic ring, how to chain, single crochet (double crochet in British terms), slip stitch, and how to make invisible decreases. Don’t worry if you haven’t done any or all of these techniques before. You can learn them in my video tutorials:

Learn how to chain and single crochet

Learn how to make a magic ring

Learn how to make invisible decreases

This pattern is written in U.S. terms. If you need to translate it to British terms, or to German, you can have a look at my conversion chart:

Crochet Conversion Chart


Aran/worsted weight cotton yarn in dark red

Aran/worsted weight cotton yarn in natural white

3.5mm/E crochet hook

Toy stuffing

Yarn needle

Stitch marker



Rd = round

Ch = chain

St(s) = stitch(es)

Sl st = slip stitch

Sc = single crochet

Inc = single crochet 2 in same st

Dec = invisible decrease: Insert hook in front loops of next 2 sts, yarn over, pull through both front loops, yarn over, pull through 2 remaining loops

C1 = dark red

C2 = natural white

Full Pomegranate

Make a magic ring in C1.

Rd 1: Sc 6 in magic ring (6)

Rd 2: Inc 6 (12)

Rd 3: [sc 1, inc 1]*6 (18)

Rd 4: [sc 2, inc 1]*6 (24)

Rd 5: [sc 3, inc 1]*6 (30)

Rd 6 to 9: Sc 30 (30)

Rd 10: [sc 3, dec 1]*6 (24)

Rd 11: [sc 2, dec 1]*6 (18)

Rd 12: [sc 1, dec 1]*6 (12)

Fill with toy stuffing.

Rd 13: [sc 1, dec 1]*4 (8)

Rd 14: sl st 1, [ch 4, sl st 1 in next st]*8

Fasten off, weave in yarn end.

Half Pomegranate

Make a magic ring in C2.

Rd 1: Sc 6 in magic ring (6)

Rd 2: Inc 6 (12)

Rd 3: [sc 1, inc 1]*6 (18)

Rd 4: [sc 2, inc 1]*6 (24)

Rd 5: [sc 3, inc 1]*6 (30)

Sl st 1, break yarn, pull through. Embroider the pomegranate seeds in with the C1 yarn using a yarn needle. I made three stitches in the same place for each seed and made 4 clusters of 9 to 10 seeds.

Join C1 in front loop of 1st st of the rd.

[ch 4, sl st in next front loop]*3

From here begin the next rd, crocheting in the back loops only:

Rd 1: Sc 30 (in back loops only) (30)

Rd 2 + 3: Sc 30 (30)

Rd 4: [sc 3, dec 1]*6 (24)

Rd 5: [sc 2, dec 1]*6 (18)

Fill with toy stuffing.

Rd 6: [sc 1, dec 1]*6 (12)

Rd 7: Dec 6 (6)

Fasten off, weave in yarn end.

Crochet Pomegranates Free Pattern | stellasyarnuniverse.com

I hope you enjoyed making these little pomegranates and that it helped you pass these long winter nights! Please let me know if you have any questions, just comment below.

Happy Creating!

Stella x


  • Tina

    I am really struggling with the pomegranate seeds. The picutre is not computing with the directions in my head. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • stellasophia

      So sorry about the late reply, Tina. The seeds are just embroidered using the same yarn I used to crochet the pomegranate and a yarn needle. Thank you so much for your comment. I will clarify it in the pattern. xx

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